Building a custom home is a dream for many Tampa Bay residents. You get to choose what you like, what you want, and how to enjoy who you are. From start to finish, it’s a big part of a lifelong dream. In order to have a smooth and satisfying home building experience, invest some time in understanding how it works, from inception to construction.

Get Started On Your Custom Home

While each experience is unique, the first steps to building a custom home are typically the same for everyone: set your budget, select your style, choose your builder.

Budget For A Custom Home

Building a custom home is not necessarily more expensive than buying an existing home. Your decisions regarding land, design, and materials will all impact the final price—so, you must figure out what you can afford and dissect every little detail.

Start by using a spreadsheet program to itemize your project. Include everything that will be involved in the project: land costs, local fees and permitting, taxes, design and engineering fees, construction costs, furniture, and decorating. Talk to your contractor and prepare for every contingency. A good builder can help you get what you want and stick to your budget. They’ll work alongside you every step of the way to ensure your budget is realistic and respected.

Select Your Home’s Style

When it comes to designing a custom home, the options are endless. Don’t let it overwhelm you: with some careful consideration and a lot of shopping around, you will find what you love. 

Pay attention to how you and your family live, along with your wants and needs when you’re thinking of style basics. Ask yourself questions  like:

Do you enjoy entertaining guests?

Do you need space for overnight visitors? 

Do you need a quiet space for working?

Do you need much storage space?

Will you be an empty nester soon? 

Your custom home should reflect how you currently live and how you plan to live in the future. Asking these questions will help you determine your livability needs before you dive into the design.

Choose Your Home’s Builder

It’s important to find a builder you feel comfortable with and you can trust. You will be very  involved with them for the entire building process and beyond. They will be your guide through the whole process. Choosing the wrong builder will make the experience far less enjoyable, so be sure you know and trust your builder.

A good place to start is to ask friends and family for recommendations, research local homes you like, or read local reviews. You can pick a builder, an architect, an interior designer, and other team members individually, or you can select a full-service builder that take care of everything for you. 

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When you are considering buying a newly built home, you will have a few different options. You can choose a tract, spec or custom home. These are all very different from each other in terms of how they are built and your involvement in the overall design of the home. To help you make a better-informed decision, it helps to look at the different features of a custom home vs. spec home vs. tract home.

Tract Homes

Tract homes are what you might call a subdivision. These homes are built to specific floor plans that are chosen by the builder. The builder usually buys a large piece of land where homes are built. You can usually decide which floorplan you like when buying a home, as long as that floorplan style is still available. If the homes have been selling quickly, your floorplan options may be limited.

Spec Homes

Spec homes are similar to tract homes in that they are built to be sold before the home is completed. You can buy a spec home after completion as well. If you buy prior to construction, you may be able to choose certain options to customize your home, making it a semi-custom home. However, the builder typically works off specific floor plans and limited color and fixture selections when designing the homes.

Custom Homes

Custom homes are the most flexible option. The construction of the house reflects a customer’s specific specifications. That usually includes the floor plan, lot choice, selection of colors and materials, and all the fixtures that are included as part of the final product.

You choose the land and the overall home design. This allows you to build the home to your specifications, not the builder’s. When comparing a custom home vs. a spec home, you would get to choose all the details, not just some.

These three options all offer you the chance to move into a newly built home. However, the main differences lie in how you can customize the floor plans and design features when comparing a custom home vs. spec home vs. tract home.

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To build or not to build, that is the question. Finding your perfect dream home can not only be stressful during the search process, but can be disappointing when you find a home that’s close but not quite just right. Instead, consider investing your money into something you are 100% happy with. When comparing the process of buying a home that is suitable to your needs vs. building a custom home that truly fits all of your needs, it’s easy to see that building a custom home is the obvious choice.

Fully Customized to Your Preference

This is the most obvious and most often cited reason given for building a custom home. The buyer has total control to tailor the entire house. While the chances of finding a home built with everything you want already on the market is slim, the chances of getting what you want with a custom builder is nearly 100%. that is 100% customized to your preference with no surprises.

Low Maintenance

Another advantage to having a brand new, custom-built home is that everything is new. Everything from the plumbing, air conditioning, appliances, to the light bulbs in the ceiling are all brand new and should have little to no maintenance for a long time. After you’ve settled in and your furniture and decorations are in place, you should be worry-free and can enjoy your new custom home without being concerned with unexpected expenses such as the cost of fixing a broken air conditioner.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency in appliances and home building materials has come a long way. New technologies help save consumers money every month by making their home more energy efficient, thus requiring less money to heat and cool homes. Having the latest and most energy efficient materials and appliances at your fingertips makes things more cost-effective.

When building your new custom home, the choices and possibilities of what kind of home you want and what you pick to go inside are endless. The exciting part is knowing that it’s your dream home, and it’s something that you have totally customized for you and your family.

With a custom home, the choices are endless. The exciting part is knowing that it’s your dream home, and it’s something that you have totally customized for you and your family.

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