Housing Industry Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Hurricane Watch: is issued when a tropical cyclone containing winds of 74 mph or higher poses a possible threat usually within 48 hours of being issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) Hurricane Warning: A Hurricane Warning is issued when sustained winds of 74 mph or higher associated with a tropical cyclone are expected in […]

10 Tips to Build an Energy-Efficient Custom Home

A lavish life is a dream, but a massive monthly energy bill can be a nightmare.

Improving Curb Appeal for $500 or less

Driving down the road, checking out the scenery, you’ve probably noticed that some homes got it and some just…well, don’t. The truth is, most homes can look significantly better with just a little time, money and effort. It’s all about that curb appeal. Not only will you love pulling up to your home, but if […]

6 tips for a successful move

So you’ve built your custom, dream home. All the months of prepping, planning, construction, and inevitable stress are finally going to prove worth it, because the big moment is finally here: moving day. Moving into your home is exciting, and exhausting. However, don’t let the stress and lengthy to-do list get the best of you. […]

Is hiring a moving company worth it?