A bathroom remodel with a marble walk-in shower, a new vanity, and updated finishes.

Embarking on a remodeling project can bring many benefits to homeowners. From boosting the value of your home to refreshing and revitalizing your living space, a bathroom and kitchen remodel has the power to breathe new life into your property. However, striking a balance between following current trends and ensuring long-term satisfaction with your remodel is crucial to get the most significant return on investment. By working with a custom home builder, we’ll help you incorporate these timeless design elements into your bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel, maximizing your home’s value and enjoyment to create exactly what you hoped for.

Bathrooms have emerged as one of the most popular spaces to undergo remodeling. With a focus on creating luxurious and relaxing environments, homeowners are embracing innovative design concepts in 2023 that transform their bathrooms into personal sanctuaries. Things to consider when planning a bathroom remodel include opening up your space, installing a walk-in shower, and decorating with sustainability in mind, creating a luxurious, functional, spa-like atmosphere.

Open Up Your Bathroom

Open up your bathroom and embrace the freedom of space by removing oversized tubs and bulky cabinets. By eliminating these elements, you can create a space that feels like an expansive oasis, inviting you to indulge in a serene and luxurious experience.

Walk-In Shower

Stunning and elegant walk-in showers are perfect for elevating your shower routine. Walk-in showers can be designed to let in natural light and create the feeling of a larger space. Working with a custom home builder can help you create a bathroom that feels like you’re at a spa with ceramic tiles and high-end finishes—turning your existing space into a bathroom oasis.


Sustainability is a growing trend that extends into the realm of bathroom design, where homeowners are increasingly seeking energy-efficient and eco-friendly solutions. Homeowners designing with sustainability in mind might consider things like energy-efficient lighting, floor heating, and volatile organic compound-free paints and stains.

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Kitchen Remodel Trends 2023

A kitchen remodel with an open-concept floor plan and an island with bar chairs

As the heart of the home, the kitchen holds a special place in our lives. It’s where we gather with family and friends, prepare delicious meals, and create lasting memories. Kitchen remodeling offers a unique opportunity to elevate this space to match your lifestyle. Ideas for customizing your kitchen include creating an open floor plan, concealing appliances for a clean and polished look, and energy efficiency.

Open Concept for More Room

A timeless classic for home remodeling is creating an open-concept kitchen. By extending the kitchen space into other living areas, you create the luxurious spaciousness of a great room. Living without the boundaries of walls and the choppiness of rooms creates an area perfect for entertaining. By removing visual barriers, the kitchen seamlessly blends with other rooms, giving the illusion of a larger space.

Concealed Appliances and Storage

Concealed appliances and storage solutions are a popular trend in remodeling projects. This allows homeowners to design a clean, streamlined, and organized space. Concealing appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwaves, can also contribute to a minimalist aesthetic in the kitchen. By integrating these appliances seamlessly into cabinetry and paneling, you can reduce visual clutter, creating a sleek and cohesive look.

Energy Efficiency

Another trend in kitchen design is energy efficiency. As homeowners increasingly prioritize sustainability, cost savings, and environmental responsibility, the use of energy-efficient appliances, LED lighting, smart technology, sustainable materials, and water conservation are at the forefront of people’s minds. By creating a kitchen floor plan considering energy efficiency, homeowners can reduce their carbon footprint while creating their dream kitchen.

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