Build for the Future

When you build a new home, be sure to build for the future. What do we mean by this? It all depends on what stage of life you’re in when you build the home. Different ages and stages have very different needs, but a good custom home that’s built for the future can offer you a lifetime of comfort and memories. 

Young Families

For families with young children, the ability to know that kids have a safe and protected place to play, grow and learn is so important. Homes need to be built with enough flexibility to allow for storing all those necessary pieces of equipment (strollers, portable cribs, swings, toy boxes, etc) plus the space for play on bigger toys or around a train table. 

The Teenage Years 

When you build for the future, the spaces you built for your young children can transition nicely into a game room and study area for your teens. Closets that previously held strollers and portable cribs can now house gaming consoles, wireless routers, or any other electronics that need to be kept out of view.  Or, larger closets can be converted into small concession areas in the event a playroom is converted into a small in-home theater. 

Empty Nest

Now that the kids are off to college or married with kids of their own, you might want to transform their old playroom into one of your very own. Did you always want your own in-home gym? How about a nice big space for entertaining, complete with billiards and a kegerator? Or maybe it’s time to convert that big closet into a humidity controlled place to store your fine wine.

Or perhaps it’s back to the train tables and toys that your grandchildren are going to enjoy when they visit. 

Aging in Place 

To build for the future, also consider your desire to age in place. Making your home easy to live in as you age will be a big help to you. It will also help ease your kids minds as well. When they know that you have zero entry showers, handrails and other things to help you stay safely in your home, they will feel at ease.   

A good custom home builder can sit down with you, think through the stages of your life and offer way to create living spaces that expand and contract when you need. If you have questions about custom homes or want to discuss building for your future, let us know. We are always eager to share our good ideas with you. 

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