You might be sick of hearing about it, but Coronavirus is still very real and very much a point of conversation – especially here in Florida. With new cases rising by the day, it has never been more important to keep you and your home healthy.

Here are 4 simple things you can do right now to keep your home healthy and happy.

Purify your air

You’ve heard the guidelines that you should be avoiding indoor, enclosed spaces. Indoor spaces can be polluted with pollutants, chemicals, mold, pollen and dust. So what can combat this?

  • Indoor plants that purify air
  • Regularly change your air filters (monthly) on your heating and cooling system
  • Circulate air with ceiling fans
  • Limit or eliminate toxic chemicals used in cleaning supplies
  • Opt for beeswax candles
  • Consider purchasing an air purifier

Purify your water

Our water in Florida is known to contain a lot of fluoride. To help eliminate this and other toxins from your drinking water, consider a filtration system. Many refrigerators have water lines, so it’s important to keep those clean. It’s actually very easy to do and you can find countless how-to videos on YouTube. If your refrigerator doesn’t have one, consider one that attaches to your sink. With the simple flip of a switch, you can pour filtrated water. While convenient, plastic water bottles are a huge contributor to pollution and causes death to many of our local wildlife. Try to use those as last resort only.

Clean more often

We get it. You are busy and cleaning your home is a JOB in itself, especially if you have kids or pets at home. But we can’t stress enough how important this is right now. To help you manage time, consider having a schedule to follow, spreading out the cleaning chores throughout the week instead of doing it all at once. For starters, wipe counters and handles daily…especially during the current times we are facing. This includes kitchen counter tops as old or spilled food can lurk around for days sometimes. Not to mention, the kitchen and bathrooms get the most traffic in your home. From there, try sweeping every other day, and saving jobs like glass cleaning and vacuuming for once or twice a week. Don’t forget to assign tasks as chores.

Create a stress-free zone

With all the extra stress and anxiety caused by Covid-19, and with spending more time at home, it’s very important to create a clean and healthy space to unplug, unwind, and destress. Consider creating a small space somewhere in your house, eliminating clutter or distractions. Use the space for you or the kids to read, nap, play a game or have some quality alone or family time. Keeping a calm mind is important in uncertain times.  

We know times are difficult. Wish you and your loved ones health and calm in this difficult time.

In our last blog, we suggested taking time to select custom touches to finish your home and make it uniquely yours. Because the kitchen is the heart of the home, we wanted to share even more ideas that will make your custom kitchen functional and glamorous.

  1. Creative storage spaces- There are so many options when it comes to building custom cabinets that will keep your kitchen organized. Are you a wino? Consider a custom wine rack drawer to store your favorite whites and reds. Are you an avid baker? A custom tray divider will organize all your baking sheets. Other popular options include spice rack drawers or small pullouts for utensils. Another great idea- a divider drawer for pots and pans lids.  
  2. Charging station- Between phones and tablets, we like to stay fully charged at all times. Building a docking drawer with a hidden charge station will keep your technology charged but out of sight. Now you can check your phone, search for new recipes and still prepare dinner.
  3. Pop-up outlets- Looking for a way to hide your outlets? Pop-up outlets disappear into the countertop and can be especially useful in places where there are no wall cabinets to hide a plug molding strip. Effective and attractive, now that’s a dynamin duo almost as great as PB&J.
  4. Task lighting – Task lighting will illuminate your countertops to make it easier to see your food. It also looks beautiful, especially at dusk. Just make sure to install it toward the front of your cabinets so that it highlights the backsplash tile and not the counter.
  5. Hide the dishwasher- Paneling your dishwasher will provide a clean, harmonious look by hiding the stainless steel. It doesn’t have to stop there. You can also consider paneling the refrigerator as well.
  6. Wine coolers- What’s the fun of having a beautiful, custom home and never celebrating it? Life is full of exciting moments worth celebrating, so why not have a cooler stocked full of your favorite wines you can pull out when guests are over, you’ve had a hard day, or just want to enjoy a night in.

What is one custom touch you would love to have in your kitchen? Contact us today to discuss how we can help you make it happen!