Man with Wheelchair accessible home

Do you or a member of your household use a wheelchair to get around? If so, you may benefit from modifying to make your home wheelchair accessible. Making some basic adjustments can be a great help for accessibility.  The key is to consider how you can promote independent living and provide a safe, easy to maneuver living space. 

Modify Your Home Entrance

The entrance to your home is a top concern. Build a wheelchair ramp for each entrance of the house. The costs of constructing a ramp will vary depending on its size and materials. Make sure the pathway is wide enough, consider handrails, and use a non-slip surface and a cover. You can also opt for a vertical platform lift if a ramp isn’t possible. 

Make Floors Safer for Travel

Floors can be problematic if you travel from room to room on wheels. If your house is decorated with carpets and rugs, it may be time for a change. Tile or hardwood flooring is ideal, but you can also use a low-pile carpet. Install rubber ramps to make thresholds safer, and cover any exposed cords on the floor. 

Widen Doorways for Easy Navigation

One of the most difficult areas to navigate while in a wheelchair is through a doorway. You can provide a safer and more pleasant experience for yourself or your loved one by widening the doorways in your home. Caroline Contractors can help adjust your home’s structure to accommodate a wheelchair. 

Create A Safer Kitchen

You can make positive changes in your kitchen, too. By lowering countertops, installing appliances that are easy to reach and providing roll-out storage units, you can make your kitchen safe and easier to use. You can also install a sink that allows the individual to roll his or her wheelchair underneath it. Adjust the location of all controls and outlets, and use rocker switches for lighting. 

For more information about how to make your home wheelchair accessible, Call Caroline Contractors at 813-931-4611 and let us help you build your dreams.