Preparing Your Home for Hurricane Season

As a Floridian, and even more so as a homeowner, you know that hurricane season is upon us. While the Tampa Bay area has been very fortunate to not be hit by a major hurricane in 100 years, there is always the risk to damages from these intense storms.

When you own your home, the stress of something happening to where you live is magnified. Your home is the place where you seek comfort, keep your most valuable (and invaluable) possessions and have put blood, sweat and tears into making it yours. Your home is filled with memoires and the thought of anything happening to it, is devastating.

To help put you at ease, follow these steps to prepare yourself and your home for hurricane season:

  1. Have your evacuation plan- Where are you going? How will you get there? Know your plan and stick to it.
  2. Have your emergency kit ready- Be sure to include batteries, flashlights, non-perishable foods, candles, lighter, drinking water, pet food, first aid supplies. You can also buy extras like a battery-powered fan or generator.  
  3. Take inventory of your home- Not only will this let you know if you’ve purchased enough insurance, but it will speed up the claims process if something were to happen.
  4. Protect your home- If a storm approaches, you will need to prepare your home.
    • Install hurricane/storm shutters and windows.
    • Remove loose objects from the yard such as chairs, pots, or décor that could fly away and damage the home.
    • Remove dead trees and branches to lessen the risk of them falling on your home.

We understand that having a damaged home can be a traumatic experience. Don’t worry, we’ll help get you through it. If the unthinkable happens and your home sustains damage from the storm, contact us immediately and we’ll be on site ASAP to assess the damage and apply a temporary solution.

No amount of damage is too large. We take your home from destroyed to finished, ensuring everything is done within code. We go further than just repairing your home. Don’t want to deal with insurance companies? We will do this on your behalf and pursue legal action if they don’t pay a claim you’re entitled to.

At Caroline Contractors, we specialize in the following:

Water Damage
Fire Damage
Wind Damage
Home Remediation

Start preparing your home now to put your mind at ease for the hurricane season ahead. And remember, if you need us, we will be here for you.