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When building a new custom home, the proper amount of storage space can be a difficult thing to determine. There are no hard and fast rules about it, so it’s at the owner’s discretion. So how much storage do you need? One rule of thumb says that the total storage space in a home should equal about 10% of the total square footage.  So, if your custom home is 5,000 square feet, you should build 500 square feet of storage at a minimum.

Some families have more or bulkier items to store. Maybe you enjoy baking and your kitchen is equipped with mixers, specialty baking items, or blenders. Or what if you love holiday decorations, clothes or shoes, or saltwater fishing. Make sure you include closets or storage spaces to accommodate all those items.  

Storage spaces to consider when planning your custom design.

1.  Linen closets, cabinets or shelves.  Design linen closets in spaces that lead to bedrooms or build cabinets inside each bathroom.

2.  Ample pantry and kitchen storage.  Besides canned, boxed and packaged food, create plenty of space for everyday pots and pans, plus those seldom-used cooking and entertaining pieces. And if you entertain frequently, a bar area can serve as a nice focal point as well as a useful place to store barware and mixers. 
3.  Coat closets at each entrance.  A coat closet at a main entrance can serve for visitors coats or heavier coats that don’t get much use in the Florida climate. Closet space near other entrances help keep kids shoes and everyday jackets out of the way and are useful for storing smaller cleaning implements.  

4. Storage space for mowing and gardening supplies. If you enjoy doing yardwork, you’ll need plenty of space for mowers, trimmers and other gardening supplies. This space may also prove useful for larger coolers and portable outdoor lawn chairs or beach umbrellas. 

5.  Cabinets with doors or drawers in your living spaces to hide away your kid’s toys.  Add built-ins to rooms where children or grandchildren will play or buy free standing units for toys and electronics. 

6.  Cleaning closets to house a broom, mop, vacuum and cleaning products. You may even consider one on each floor of your house so you have easier access to these everyday items.  

7.  Cabinets or shelves in your laundry area for detergents, fabric softeners and other laundry related items.  

8.  Hobby storage.  Whether you or your family members are into crafting, boating, or board games, remember to include space for hobby equipment.  That might include cabinets in the family room, the garage, a home office or even in a dedicated hobby room.

9.  Storage for pet food, pet toys, pet crates or beds, and litter. That storage could easily go in mudroom or laundry room if planned properly.  

10.  Storage for audio visual and home entertainment equipment.  If you’re planning on a home theater or if you want smart home features, such as home security system, you may want a dedicated closet for those components.

No matter what storage spaces you decide on, remember that most homeowners fill up all the storage space they put in their home, so plan for more than you need so you always have enough. 

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