Perfect Easter brunch

Here’s comes Peter Cotton Tail. And if you are hosting Easter brunch this year, pretty soon, guests will be hopping down your….well, driveway. Don’t let the stress of hosting get the best of you. Follow these easy tips to successfully host an Easter brunch that will leave every bunny very hoppy.


  • Combine homemade with not-so-homemade– Don’t feel as though you have to make everything from scratch. Create a list of the foods you want to serve and determine what and where you can save time. Pre-made options can include:
    • Smoked lox, shrimp or whitefish, served with crackers, cucumbers, tomatoes and cream cheese
    • A variety of cheese and crackers
    • Pre-sliced fruit platters
    • Pre-made meats
    • Pre-made croissants, breads, quiches from a local bakery
  • Prepare the day before– A lot of the foods you decide to serve can likely be prepared the night before. One example, deviled eggs, an Easter classic. Hard-boil the eggs the night before and store the peeled eggs in a container that can be pulled out the next day.
  • Be smart with food selections– Save yourself the stress. Only select foods to serve that are easy to prep, can be premade, or purchased from a local store. One example, quiche or breakfast casserole. Casseroles are very easy to make in a crockpot the night before, while many bakeries can prepare delicious quiches in a variety of flavors.
  • Balance sweet and savory– Appease everyone’s taste buds by having options for savory and sweet. For guests with a sweet tooth, in addition to the delicious foods you’ll be serving, consider a pancake station with toppings such as chocolate chips, Nutella, peanut butter, jams,

Décor and Fun

  • Set the mood with centerpieces – There are a million ideas on Pinterestto help you find the right centerpiece concept for you. FromDIYto elegant spring floral arrangements,there is something for everyone and every budget.
  • Hidden eggs (or candy) – Have some fun hiding eggs around the home, or at least in the areas you’ve had time to clean ahead of time (are we right? Or are we right?). Send kids on a hunt to find the eggs and the one who finds the most, can be awarded a prize. Or, consider hiding candies.
  • Add colorful plates and napkins- Consider adding a pop of spring color to the table with pastel colored plates or napkins.
  • Entertain the kids – Consider having games, coloring books, and entertainment handy for any kids attending. With nice weather, you can also consider sidewalk chalk, bubbles or outdoor toys as well to keep kids and parents happy.

No matter how you decorate, or what you cook, just remember to focus on family, memories and the reason behind Easter is what matters most. Happy Easter from our families to yours!